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Jaora, Return Journey

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My return journey was again by the same train which bought me here i.e. Udaipur Express. The train was to arrive at Jaora Station at 2:44 AM, only to arrive at Borivali Station at 1:47 PM the next morning.

Mohsin his brothers and Satish came to see me off.

I kick started my journey by sleeping. As I am not used to sleeping in the train a small jerk would awake me, but finally sleep had taken over.

The next morning when I had woken up the train had reached Bharuch. We were a long way from home.

A few of Krishna’s bhakts had their seats next to mine. They sang, played their musical instruments and danced the entire journey in that compartment till we reached Borivali. Their music was soothing to my ears, but when I took out my camera, they weren’t very happy so I immediately put it back inside.

Finally I was at Borivali station. My Jaora trip had officially come to an end. I was a bit unhappy in my initial days at Hussain Tekri as I couldn’t travel but Sujapur and  Bhora Mangra made my trip worth it. To top it beef spiced up the entire journey.

I am thankful to Mohsin and his family for the hospitality they have shown towards me.  I dedicate this blog post to him.      


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