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Dasturi naka to Matheran Market area

Monday, January 7, 2013

Having finally reached Dasturi Naka, we raised a toast to ourselves. That is, we had cold drinks and bought tickets to Matheran at a cost of Rs25 each.
From here began the muddy dirt road to Matheran. No vehicles are allowed here. The only way to travel is to walk, or ride a horse or hire a manually pulled cart.
As the railway line intersects the road leading to the market area, we decided to walk on the tracks. There was no mud or dust here, and it would get us to the market much faster. But we were not lucky enough to see the mini train on our way to the Matheran market.
Many people walk along the tracks to reach either the market area or Dasturi Naka. It takes around 30 minutes of brisk walking to reach either of the two destinations.

We checked into the first lodge we saw. At Rs 600 for two nights, it was a sweet deal, offering us spacious rooms that accommodated five beds. That is why I love off seasons.
We took a short nap as we had 28 points, Panther’s Cave and a few water tanks on our itinerary for this trip.


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